Current Exhibit – April 28th – June 2nd

Stormy Weather – Student Projects                         

The Museum’s second exhibit of 2019 “Stormy Weather” showcases Union School 4th grader’s projects exploring extreme weather in Connecticut.  The students’ efforts were supervised by their teachers Mrs. Beckert, Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Goldman.  This “Stormy Weather” exhibit also includes a series of Paideia projects produced by Irving A Robbins Middle School 8th graders featuring the flood of 1955.  

The exhibit is open during regular Museum hours – Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. until it closes on June 2nd.  If you would like to arrange a group visit, please call the Museum (860) 673-2231 and leave a message.  Someone will get back to you to make those arrangements.

Upcoming Exhibit – July 24th – Suburban Park

As noted in our 1995 look back to 1895 “Suburban Park, 27 planted acres in Unionville Center, opened after a long parade on Memorial Day.  It brought hundreds of couples from the Greater Hartford area to dance in the Hilltop Pavilion, enjoy the first electrically-lighted, colored fountain, ride the carousel, dine in one of its three restaurants, look through the spyglass at Lookout Tower, stroll the flower lined paths and punt or bathe in Park Pond.”   

Built by the Hartford Suburban Railway, Suburban Park was in operation in Unionville from 1895 to 1905.  The electrified fountain which ran off the trolley company’s power station was one of the first examples of electricity in use and must have been quite the novelty as everything else in the area was still lit by gas.  Near the end of the trolley line, it was a recreation destination for visitors from Farmington, West Hartford and Hartford.

This exhibit is the culmination of an Eagle Scout project conducted by Timothy Germano.  Tim rallied over 40 volunteers and led a huge effort to improve the park trails.  He has also arranged for new markers containing detailed information about the Park’s history which will be placed throughout the Park this spring.   The Unionville Museum exhibit will create a mini version of the park layout allowing visitors to learn about Suburban Park which is such a fascinating piece of Unionville’s history.  It will also, of course, encourage visitors to take to the trail themselves to see first-hand this piece of Unionville that was once Suburban Park.  For more information on Tim’s project, visit his Suburban Park Facebook page.  

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